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Padiaper™ - Making Diaper Changing Peaceful


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Product description

Baby Fun Time with Floateck™

A VERY Popular Product - Get One for Baby  While Supplies Last


We all know the terror of giving our babies a bath. We want them safe. We usually keep the water very low, and we keep a very secure hold on them. All this necessary but restricting caution means many babies hate baths. Because they don’t enjoy it!

Now you can say goodbye to bathtime tears. Or simply have such a cute little angel in the bath. The Floateck™ gives your baby the freedom to kick and swim... and enjoy bathtime!

Babies love water. It feels like they’re back in Mommy’s tummy, in the security of the womb. Some babies may hate sinks and bathtubs but all babies find comfort in water.

See them kick their little legs and wave their arms!

Swimming Can Improve Baby’s Cognition

Yep, while building those neural pathways swim time helps your baby’s brain grow. Within not too long these types of activities may manifest improvements in communication, feedback, learning, spatial awareness, and more.

Boost Baby’s Muscle Development & Build Strength

Meanwhile those chubby little arms and legs are kicking away, pushing through the non-impact water resistance (working the core as well). Really get those fresh young joints and soft tissues moving!

Improve Sleeping & Eating Patterns

This is a fact of life that never changes - quality exercise along with the energy baby burns to keep their body at a certain temperature is exhausting and leads to better overall dietary habits and sleeping patterns.


floateck features

Our Tips:

  • Always use under supervision. It feels silly to have to say this, but don’t leave the baby unattended in the bathtub or the pool.
  • Make sure your baby also has plenty of playmat or bed exercise time: that’s what builds their spinal development and strength to control their head… and roll over!

Our Parent-Happy Promises:

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